Completing your manuscript is the first step.
Next up is the production process. Let us guide you through your options.


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Schedule a 30-minute consultation. What format to choose? What kind of cover would suit best? How complex is the layout? Which package suits best? Do you need an editor? Do you need help arranging the printing and publishing of your book? Do you need an ISBN? Let’s chat, we’ll discuss your project and you’ll have a clearer path to publication.


Engaging a professional editor is highly recommended for most books. Having spent months poring over your manuscript, a fresh pair of eyes is needed. A professional editor can help lift your book to a whole new level. We regularly work with many editors and will be happy to recommend one. An editor can be hired to reconstruct your manuscript, or just to lightly copyedit and proofread it.

Design of interior and cover

When your manuscript is clean and ready, send it to us in Word format, send us your images, diagrams, and other elements, and we will get started on the first proofs.


We will send the first proofs back in PDF format. You or your editor can give us your feedback and mark up the changes you’d like made. The project then goes back to the designer and this process is repeated 2 or 3 times until you are happy with the result.


Once your print-ready artwork is ready, it’s time to send it to the printer. Which type of printer will depend on the quantity being printed, the complexity and finishing of the book and how it is to be distributed. We’ll help you choose and if you’d like us to manage the whole process, choose one of our publishing packages, sit back and wait for your books to be delivered from one of our trusted printers.

Ebook conversion

Let us know if you’d like your book to be available as an ebook too. We can create reflowable ebooks and fixed layout ebooks, and prepare them for Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc.


Selling your book and fulfilling orders is your next task. Choose a publishing pack and we will help you get your printed book or ebook listed with the main sites or made available to bookshops to order.

Publicity Material

An author website is a great way to control your own online bookshop. Direct your social media posts to it and convert your traffic to sales. Or avail of a free landing page to redirect your traffic to Amazon or your local bookshop. Get ready for your book launch with pull-ups, invitations, posters, etc.

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Is your manuscript ready for the design stage? Got more questions? Let’s chat so. Book a FREE 15-minute consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help move your book closer to publication. For us to understand your project a little better, it would help if you fill out the form and submit it in advance of our consultation.

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